As background, you should know that The Elegant Difference is a family-owned catering service. Our company was established in 1989 and we simply love what we do. Our customers are longstanding and value our services because we are professionals. Our business is located in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio and we caterer to Greater Cleveland and the neighboring suburbs.

The Elegant Difference excels in off-premise catering. We specialized in custom home parties, corporate functions and delivery services. Our catering services are perfectly suited to events of 200 or less guests. By focusing our expertise on smaller affairs we can show off our attention to detail, provide interesting menu options see some of our most requested entrées page and expert customer service. We can make your home or office party an event to be remembered. We also have an online store, Oven to Door at, which offers all your favorites mail to order or local deliver.

The staff at The Elegant Difference has worked with each other for years. Mostly family and those we have adopted gleaned their skills in the beginning the old fashioned way... trial and error. Since that time, the newbie's have been formally trained attending the best culinary schools in the country. Together we create wonderful morsels of old and new wisdom.

If you are not familiar with our company and this is your first contact with us; we would be pleased to hear from you personally. As a practice, I like to speak with the clients that express an interest in The Elegant Difference. So please complete our contact us form. Your schedule permitting we can arrange an introductory meeting before you make your final catering provider decision.

The Elegant Difference catering services surpass our competition because pleasing our client is our primary goal and we care that your event is a success.